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Windows Foundation Server

Microsoft Windows Foundation Server is designed as a starter server to provide user login & access control. All data is stored on the server and backed up from a single location. The server provides simple networking services such as IP addressing and internet access from a central location.

  • Full remote support for your business server and users
  • Provide secure data storage and centralised login on your network
  • Full monitoring of Server backup to protect your most important data

Foundation server is an ideal server to get you started on the road to organising your data and protecting the critical information your business requires on a daily basis.

Manage your Email & Communications with Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online gives you all the benefits of Exchange without having to install and manage an Exchange Server on your own premises, saving time and money in setup and administration.

  • Securely access your email anywhere with Outlook Web Access over SSL connections.
  • Sync your email to your mobile device with Outlook Mobile Access
    (suitable for iPhones & E-Series Nokia phones as well as Android & Windows Mobile phones!)

Have Microsoft look after your email backup from their high availability hosting centres. Again saving you time, hassle and the expense of ensuring your critical business email is always available.