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Telephone Systems
replentec | providing enterprise class telephone systems

Why use a traditional PBX system?

We can provide an Enterprise class telephone system tailored exactly to your needs, & priced for small business. With an Asterisk based telephone system, your phone system can run on a small server in your IT cabinet.

  • Uses the same cabling as your computer system
  • Voicemail, digital receptionist (IVR), conferencing, call forwarding, detailed call logs all built in!
  • Does your email come to your mobile phone? Now get your office voicemail delivered to your mobile by email with the message attached. Never miss that call again!
  • Out of the office and forgot to forward your calls? Login over the internet and turn on your call forwarding
  • Continue to use your existing telecom lines – compatible with all ISDN systems
  • Want to use SIP / IAX calls through your office phone system? No problem, the entire system is VoIP compatible, you can choose which calls to route through VoIP to get the best call rates
  • Multiple offices? Link branch offices or your even your own home to your office telephone system over the internet and get free calls between sites

Remote management and support of your telephone system available as stand-alone support or combined with your IT support contract.


Wide Choice of Handsets Available

We can provide Grandstream / Snom / Polycom handsets. You can use any SIP compatible handsets on your phone system.

  • Grandstream GXP2010
  • Grandstream GXP1200
  • Siemens Gigaset VoIP
  • OpenVox BRI card

Need analogue connections for your credit card / fax / franking machine?
We can supply the required hardware to link all these devices to your telephone system and reduce the number of lines (and line rental) you need in your business.